In Le Marche, on the Adriatic coast close to the ancient city of Senigallia, is Monterado, the centre of the Terre di Fratulla. This land is located on the right side of the river Cesano with a long history of land ownership and land transfer. Since the 11th century it is recorded that land ownership changed from large land owners to the Monastery of Fonte Avellano and from there to small land farmers, due to historically dark and stormy times under the rule of various kings, lords, the church and nobility.

During the time the cultivation of wheat, the establishment of wine yards, oak forest and olive orchards as well as the raising of pigs (Fratulla salami is well known) brought a change in agricultural production. This resulted in a natural and healthy production safeguarding the ecological natural environment of the area.

Terre di Fratulla is rich on historical places and well known for typical cooking and good wines.