Olive oil produced in a pure natural biological way

Olives cultivated in Italy and oil produced from these olive trees gives olio extra vergine superiore (highest quality grade) as the olives are harvested from the trees in an optimal stage of ripeness and processed on the same day in a modern technical mill (cold processing).

Olive cultivation in the region Marche benefits from its location close to the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines Mountains. Thus an optimal climate gives the conditions for successful olive cultivation.

The trees are growing in the fertile valley of the river Cesano and with the mild climate this olive oil has a balanced and strong natural flavour and is of a very high quality.

Fertilisation is done only with natural fertilisers and olives are carefully handled and harvested by hand. They are being processed on the same day in our own small mill.

The oil is being carefully filtered in a cotton wool filter. Important minerals remain in the oil and give a incomparable aroma and also the special character of the oil.

Our oil is yearly analysed and tested by the regional authority. Besides other positive values our olive oil has very low fatty acids of only 0.1% - 0.25% and a polyphenol content of up to 800 mg/litre. This makes it extremely valuable and healthy.

We are a controlled producer of olive oil.
Our registration number is AN 049. We are therefore entitled to name our oil extra virgin superior (extravergine superiore).