Our Olive Oli extra vergine superiore 2015 - Analysis from Marche Region
We are pleased to inform you about the very good results. The good climate in 2015 was inspiring our olives to excellence. Missing olive mosquitoes did theirs now. Our natural state, carefully harvested and processed in the mill's own olive oil is healthy. and well-salubrious.

Analysis Il Principe (Please click on link) 

Analysis Lo Spirito (Please click on link)
Our wines Il Ricco Rosso 2008 and Radorosso 2007 have been awarded a silver medal at the 17th International Wine Testing in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 2010.

We could of wein- plus.de-a total of 24 received diplomas, including 5 for the year 2010th (Note excellent) If you are interested, come down with a standing link directly to it

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