Married since more than 40 years, we made a lot of experiences together. 1977 we established a electrical business in the Rhine valley of Switzerland and added a number of branches in the same and similar fields.

In 1990 we sold this business and took over a small chain of pizzeria restaurants. After streamlining our services, we opened a number of new pizzeria restaurants thus becoming a significant gastronomical enterprise in the eastern part of Switzerland.

Our dream was to realise three projects: The first one was the production of wine in Italy. To gain the know-how, Otto attended the University of Applied Sciences in Wadeswil near Zurich and studied wine cultivation and wine production. He graduated in the year 2000.

In addition we started to study the cultivation of olive trees and the production of quality olive oil.

The third project was to sell our pizzeria restaurant chain and purchase a 7 ha farm in the Le Marche, near Ancona, in Italy - “La Maddalena”.

This land used to be a grain farm. We named it “La Maddalena” and started with planting a number of promising grape varieties, planted olive trees and rebuilt the old farm house to our new home. In addition we constructed also production facilities (cantina) for processing wine and olives.

In 2005 we received the reward for the hard work and sold our first wine, the “La Goccia Nobile”, which was an excellent wine due to careful maintenance of the vineyard and the processing procedures.

Our aim is to produce few but excellent wines. A careful selection of grapes together with high-grade processing, produces quality and not quantity. In the same way it is with olive oil production: our olive trees are treated in a biological way without any pesticides. The production process is in accordance with newest and highest quality standards.

We appreciate to offer you our fine wines, our superior quality olive oil and thank you for the trust in us and our efforts.